Bustle Writer Tries World-Famous WEN No-Shampoo Method in 7-Day Challenge

Emily McClure knew her fine, sad hair needed a quick, healthy boost, so she decided to try the WEN cleansing conditioners that so many people around the world have fallen in love with. The unique no-lather cleansing system is suitable for all hair types and does not contain the nasty chemicals found in regular shampoos and conditioners.
Famous California stylist Chaz Dean had developed the system so hair could return to a shiny, strong and manageable state. His formulas contain natural botanicals that effectively transform the hair without using several bottles of shampoo, conditioner, de-tangler, leave-in conditioner and styling treatment. His cleansing conditioners performed all those duties in a detergent free, one bottle formula.

Emily McClure was eager to try a 7-day hair challenge using the sephora endorsed product, and she posted daily logs and hair selfies for Bustle.com.

The beauty contributor decided on a daily morning WEN wash with blow-drying and styling. She was kind of freaked out about the amount of WEN product one was supposed to use in the shower for medium length hair. Instead of the minimum 16 pumps, she settled for 10 pumps, the minimum for short hair. Would that affect the results? We’re not sure.

Emily found that cleansing her fine, limp hair with Wen produced body, bounce and shine. Her readers could see the great results in her daily selfies. Everything seemed to be going fine, until Emily got lazy about her hair care. One evening, she decided to interrupt the WEN hair routine by cleansing with it at night, but by morning, her hair fell flat and oily. One morning, she ran out of time and skipped the WEN cleanse, and again, her locks looked limp and sad.

Emily admits that WEN works beautifully when you simply adhere to the AM WEN cleanse.

Product FAQ page: http://www.wen.com/faq.html



Bustle Writer Tries World-Famous WEN No-Shampoo Method in 7-Day Challenge

How Reputation Management Can Improve Your Revenue

A businesses reputation is critical in today’s online world. Optimizing your place on a Google search is one of the keys to success. Navigating the world of SEO can be tricky and takes skill. This strategy is where online management sites come into play. These type of companies specialize in making your online presence rank high on the search pages. Most of these professionals are highly skilled and have the know how to make your reputation sparkle. One of the important parts of reputation management is to remove negative information from your online profile. Negative information can severely damage your image if it shows up on the first page of a search engine results page.

A big part of reputation management is to insert positive articles and promotions and help it rank high on the first page of results by using keywords. Keywords added strategically into an article or advertisement can boost your exposure. Reputations management can benefit anyone in the public spotlight or businesses trying to remain competitive in the online marketplace. The internet has allowed companies from all over the world to compete. This tactic is a way to gain an edge in this global economy.

The reputation management companies can work magic for your image online. A good reputation company will have plenty of experience and have great user feedback. One such company is Fix Search Results. This firm has done reputation management for Fortune 500 companies. They have handled thousands of accounts both large and small. They will meet with you and give you a price quote free. They can give you the results you are after. In today’s competitive market you need someone to take action and provide results that will improve your revenue and image.

How Reputation Management Can Improve Your Revenue

The Manse on Marsh: Your Assisted Living Facility of Choice

Owned by Chris Skiff, Manse on the Marsh is a unique independent and assisted living community that offers a high level of service for the elderly which include preparing meals, housekeeping, medication assistance, laundry and regular check-ins on the residents. Located in San Luis Obispo, California, the Manse offers services that are basically designed to bridge the gap between independent living and nursing home facilities. Its core objective is the dedication to creating an exceptional quality of life for valuable residents in a unique senior community within an environment that is not only beautiful but also inviting. This environment is an assisted living community which Manse boasts to be one. One would ask what an assisted living community is. This is a community designed to provide housing, healthcare and personal care services to senior people in need of assistance with activities of daily living. At Manse, senior living is a bold new concept whereby one has the freedom to live independently thanks to their competitive charges and tailored services and amenities which perfectly suit individual needs and budget.

With a great variety of choices in residences, the Manse offers to seniors a distinctive selection that ranges from home apartments with fireplaces to free-standing cottages. To private residences it offers warm and inviting common areas which include an elegant and spacious dining area, a sunny informal bistro mainly for lunch and a large beautiful patio area with comfortable seating.

Being members of the community they serve, the team at Manse is well versed with compassionate and leadership skills which ensures that they honor dignity and at the same time create a lasting authentic experience through their work. As a result of this, the Manse being the premiere independent and Assisted Living community on the California Central Coast was voted number one in the SLO Tribune Reader Choice Awards. Through their testimonials, residents have affirmed the position that indeed Manse offers the ideal combination of choices, confidence and peace of mind. After finding a place for her mom at the Manse, Janine P. testifies that she wished she could spread the word to everyone searching for assistance with eldercare needs. This is because the services at Manse saved her time, anxiety and provided her with peace of mind by knowing that she was dealing with appropriate agencies and facilities.  Read more reviews from real users on Yelp.

The Manse on Marsh: Your Assisted Living Facility of Choice

Open Society and Giving with George Soros

There are few individuals that care as much and give as much as George Soros. He has been heavily involved with his philanthropic work which has helped many different individuals. His organization, Open Society, will continue to help individuals for many more years.
 George Soros started Open Society in 1979. He had enjoyed a very successful financial career and wanted to use his success to try to help others. George Soros feels that his personal success obligates him to speak about serious issues and try to help others who are struggling and need assistance.

The primary goal of Open Society is to push for and work towards a more tolerant society with a government who is held accountable for their actions. They believe that it is very important to have a government who is kept in check for a variety of reasons and by a variety of different ways. Read more at http://www.forbes.com/profile/george-soros/

Open Society, as well as George Soros, seeks to improve the lives of many people throughout the world. Their focus is on those in countries that are not at the forefront of development, such as the United States.

With all of these goals in mind, they focus on five main areas. These areas include education and youth, governance and accountability, health, media and information, and rights and justice. Each of these areas will help with creating accountability in both the government and the media while also helping those who do not have a voice of their own.

These many different goals speak a lot about what kind of person George Soros is and what he hopes to accomplish with his life. He has created a company that has truly honorable goals and ambitions. These particular goals and ambitions can help to change many countries around the world for the better. In a time when things are very unclear and there is more fighting than helping, this sort of organization is valuable and important.
 Read more at http://www.nybooks.com/contributors/george-soros/

Open Society and Giving with George Soros

Despite Hardship Michael Zomber Continues Successful Writing, Film Career

An expert in armor and weapons, Michael Zomber has written several books on the subject as well as helped produce films through Renascent Films, the production company he and his wife own. His most popular book, “Shogun Iemitsu: War and Romance in 17th Century Tokugawa Japan,” a historical fiction novel, was surprisingly outline and written in prison. Falsely accused of fraud, Zomber spent time in prison and was exonerated from crimes in 2009, after already serving time. A lesser man might have bowed under the pressure of being convicted of crimes he was innocent of, but Zomber used the time to his advantage and wrote the novel, which has received great reviews.

Over the years, Zomber has also been featured on the History Channel for his antique arms expertise. He has been featured on the channel’s “Tales of the Gun” series. Zomber has taken his earlier injustices and turned them to his favor making the best of a bad situation. While in prison he helped prisoners by tutoring them to receive their GED and helping them with legal documentation.

Him and his wife have seen each other through hard times. They started Renascent Films in 1998 producing several films such as the documentary, Soul of the Samurai. Their film, La Cucaracha, won Best Picture at the Austin Film Festival as well as receiving three stars from Roger Ebert. The company has also helped other independent film producers with equipment, advice and financial backing. The couple have two children. Zomber has quite the collection of armor and antique arms and also sells antique items. His expertise in history and English literature have helped in his writing career which also includes Civil War historical fiction and non-fiction titles as well.  Follow along with Michael’s career on Facebook.

Despite Hardship Michael Zomber Continues Successful Writing, Film Career

SKOUT Created Many Real-life Superheros to Celebrate National Superhero Day


National Superheroes Day is April 28th, and it’s not just for kids. This past holiday, SKOUT went all out to get their members involved reports PR Newswire. Christian Wiklund, co-founder, and CEO of SKOUT, which is an app that promotes new friendships and networking around the world, found a way to get everyone excited.

To begin with, SKOUT sent out a survey to their members on the concept of superheroes, and the feedback was very interesting. They elevated the meaning of superhero above the typical attraction for young people, and the response from the survey showed that it really isn’t too difficult to find superheroes in real life. Three out of four of those who replied said that helping others is the basis for a real superhero with over 80 percent saying that they would like to be a superhero in everyday life.

So, what did SKOUT do to celebrate National Superheroes Day this year? Mr. Wiklund and the app programmers created an opportunity for their members to help as many people as they wished, and become a hero themselves. The global app arranged so that when the members sent a virtual gift, which was already a part of the app, either to an existing friend or a new one, SKOUT matched it with a donation to the Make-a-Wish Foundation in the San Francisco Bay Area where SKOUT is headquartered.

This was an incredible use of the app, and Mr. Wiklund was pleased with the success they had. All of the members who sent the virtual gifts pleasantly surprised a friend letting them know they were thought of while the Make-a-Wish fund was filled for a needy child to use to make a wish come true. Everybody won in this super celebration, and the givers became real superheroes for a day!

The survey that SKOUT sent before revealed some interesting facts about superheroes, too. For instance, men nd women do not choose the same one as a favorite. The survey showed that men chose Superman while women chose Batman.The favorite superpower was immortality three to one, but 29 percent said they would take the ability to fly, 22 percent said superhuman strength and 17 percent wanted super speed.

As you can see, everybody has their favorite superhero memorabilia, but the characteristic that was displayed the best by SKOUT this year was the super ability to reach out and help someone else.

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SKOUT Created Many Real-life Superheros to Celebrate National Superhero Day

How Will FreedomPop Complete Its Plan For WhatsApp?

FreedomPop is getting into a partnership with WhatsApp according to Venture Beat. They are saying that that the people using WhatsApp are going to do it without using their data, and they are going to be able to use it on a FreedomPop phone as much as they want. It is one of the most simple ways of making sure that people are going to be able to save their minutes, and it is even more important because it makes the service for some people really cheap.

The idea is that people who get their new FreedomPop phones are going to start using WhatsApp when they sign up. WhatsApp lets these people get started by signing up with their personal information, and it provides them with number and username they need to start messaging. Then these people are going to be able to use WhatsApp without worrying about how much of their data they are using. This makes it really cheap for them, and it makes FreedomPop look like a much better destination for some people.

FreedomPop has been trying for a long time to make sure that they are going to be the go to for people who need cheap service, but now they are making it so easy that no one will be able to resist. The plan is going to help people get started with FreedomPop right away, and it is going to help the disadvantaged people who are trying to make sure that they can save money when they get a FreedomPop phone. FreedomPop is the only option for some people, and now they are going to be able to use WhatsApp so that they do not have to worry about paying at all. The free plan and WhatsApp together make everything much easier for users.

Learn more from this review of FreedomPop

How Will FreedomPop Complete Its Plan For WhatsApp?

Unraveling a Complicated Estate

The untimely death of pop star Prince has brought a new light on the legal topic of wills and estate settlement when individuals die intestate. According to his family, Prince Nelson left behind no will or even a directive that indicated his wishes with respect to the transfer of his assets upon dying. While this scenario is not necessarily unusual for individuals with no wealth to distribute, the fact that Prince was single and only had one whole blood relative can complicate the issue. While his primary bank and investment advisers have been given oversight of the process, the situation at hand is far from over both emotionally and legally and it will take an attorney with significant legal expertise to unravel the potential issues. And, this is especially true if others step forward claiming to be the offspring of Prince.

The amount of Prince’s assets is tallied at approximately $300 million and he has several siblings. According to Minnesota law, these siblings will share in the proceeds after the estate is assessed for taxes and financial liabilities. It is a certainty that both the federal and state governments will file a claim against the estate as late as next year because his investment holdings have already generated income during this year. The status of his filing for this year has not been published. However, it is clear that the estate as well as the several siblings will all need expert legal counsel like attorney Ross Abelow to ensure all rights are respected.

Ross Abelow is an attorney in the state of New York who is experienced in handing the estates of entertainers after they pass, including entertainers who die suddenly and have not prepared a last will and testament. In the case of Prince, all of his personal assets will be shared equally by his siblings with respect to share, even though only one sister had the same two parents. The disposition of the unrecorded compositions of the dead star will assuredly be another question, and his recording label will clearly have a team of lawyers representing their legal claims to the property.

While this is an unusual case for a state like Minnesota, the situation is fairly regular in the state of New York, which is largely considered to be an entertainment mecca. The nuances of settling cases involving copyrights and patents are known to certain lawyers who handle these cases on a regular basis, such as the expertise of New York attorney Ross Abelow.

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Unraveling a Complicated Estate

Sanjay Shah: An Example of an Entrepreneur

One very important aspect of success is creativity. Sanjay Shah has proved that he is very creative and diligent as an entrepreneur. With his creativity, Sanjay Shah has founded quite a few companies and used the capital that he has gained in order to fund philanthropic activities. As of right now, he is providing funds for autism research. However, even he has had his period of finding what it is he is passionate about in order to make his way to the top. When he first started, he was studying medicine. He found that he didn’t want to be a doctor after all. Interestingly enough, he would return to medicine in some form in order to help his son who has autism.

Sanjay Shah has worked for banks before branching out as an entrepreneur. One thing that he does not miss when working for someone else was the daily grind of working 9-5. Even when he was working for a bank, he made some contributions as a philanthropist in order to sponsor children who are at a disadvantage. However, his efforts were more general. There was no focus until he has gotten the diagnosis of autism for his son.

Sanjay Shah has founded Autism Rocks as a response to this diagnosis and began looking for ways to provide adequate treatment for his son. As of right now, his son is going through a combination of behavioral therapy and other treatments in order to help him develop and function well with autism. He also provides funds with his concert series that he hosts for the charity Autism Rocks. He has hosted plenty of popular artists, and his series has turned out to be a hit. The artists that he has met with personally have all been pleasant to him and his family.

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Sanjay Shah: An Example of an Entrepreneur

Inspiration to Lose Weight and Feel Great with Nutrimost

The Stories are Spreading

The weight loss stories are spreading on Facebook. The main NutriMost story is one that has been started by Dr. Vasquez. He is an advocate of NutriMost and weight loss. He has a specific goal. He strives to spread his story while making the Alamo healthier while he advocates for wellness. Dr. Vasques is an individual who had previously struggled with his own weight and his unique health issues. He had also tried many weight loss programs in his past. Nutrimost is working for him and many others.

Losing 40 Pounds in Only 40 Days
NutriMost San Antonio is a program that will show you the results. The results are doing the talking. The proof can be seen. This program is proving, over and over again, that it is possible to lose 40 pounds in just 40 days. There are no pills, no pre-packaged foods to contend with. The food is right at the grocery store. Keeping the weight off is the key to this program.

A Customized Program
NutriMost will customize a recipe (http://nutrimostrecipes.com/) for each person. Keep in mind, each and every person is unique and quite different from the next. Technology is incorporated in the NutriMost.com program. A health coach will ensure that weight loss and your health are within your reach on this program. *Click on link to view full story from KSAT 12.

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Inspiration to Lose Weight and Feel Great with Nutrimost