Escape From North Korea Tells of Tragedy, Tears, Triumph

Yeonmi Park grew up in a loving home in the most repressive country in the world. Despite the supportive presence of her family, she grew up in constant fear. She feared that Kim Jong Un could hear her thoughts, and he would punish her for them. Fear of the dictator and his knowledge of secrets is not an uncommon fear in North Korea.
She saw a friend’s mother publicly executed. After her own father was tortured for trading on the black market in order to feed his family and after her sister left home to escape to China, Park fled North Korea with her mother and father. She admits to experiences that no child — no human being — should ever have to endure. She was treated as a commodity, and she escaped again to walk across the Gobi desert with her mother, afraid to use a light to see and afraid to cry out if they got lost.

Yeonmi Park arrived in Mongolia, but many didn’t. Her father died in China, and she has not reunited with her sister. She has family still living in North Korea, and that family is at risk for reprisals aimed at Yeonmi. In a government video, her family paraded across the screen denouncing Yeonmi. Despite this, Yeonmi is using her voice to bring awareness to the world about what citizens of North Korea suffer, and what they are willing to suffer to escape from that Stygian world.

Park writes about the struggle to escape the darkness of her birth country and her struggle to find freedom of spirit in the West. In her Amazon best-selling book In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom, Park reveals the truth of the repressive order that starves, tortures and kills its own citizens. Despite direct threats to other outspoken defectors and implicit threats to her own family, Park continues to reveal the nightmarish world that she escaped. She hopes that in doing so, she and other outspoken defectors will change that world and bring freedom to all citizens of North Korea.

Escape From North Korea Tells of Tragedy, Tears, Triumph

Fashion News JustFab: 3 Things to Consider When Purchasing Fashion Items Online in 2016

Fashion trends in 2016 offers more opportunities for people to try on something just for a change. In the beginning of the year on Youtube, the number of online buyers purchasing fashion items has greatly increased. You may be one of them, or is yet to join this crowd. But in purchasing fashion items, there are 3 things that you should consider this year.

1. Know the Opinions of Famous Fashion Artists For This yYear.

Every year, most fashion designers tell the public their own fashion predictions. You don’t have to be a strict fashion aficionado to follow them all. Ordinary people may get such ideas that can help them choose what is better for them even for their day-to-day activities. For instance, a Milan-based Alberto Candiani of Candiani Fabrics suggested a certain denim washes to consider in 2016. This could give you an idea what kind of pants and colors that are going to be trending. Being aware of this will give you an advantage that you will be one of the first to buy some items that are going to get out of stocks soon.

2. Manage your Budget.

It would be sad to see your favorite shoes or bags online on Instagram being offered at a price you can no longer afford simply because you already spent most of your money purchasing something that was not in your plan. If you believe you would be buying something that will be trending this year, set aside something for it.

3. Find the Best online Shop for the Fashion Items You Like.

If you are looking to buy shoes, bags, or denims, JustFab is good for you. It is a fashion company that offers a wide variety of trendy selections of shoes, handbags, jewelries, and denims. This is the online boutique that is trending now as it was in many years.


It is always advisable to organize your fashion plan every year so that you will not join the crowd of impulsive buyers who regret afterward. Fashion items online such as JustFab on pinterest are one of the most tempting things that may control you without any plan ahead of time.

Fashion News JustFab: 3 Things to Consider When Purchasing Fashion Items Online in 2016

Portia Kersten of Skout Shares Secrets of Her Success

Portia Kersten, Chief Financial Officer of Skout, was recently profiled in an article for the Huffington Post. In the interview, Kersten explains how she grew Skout into the largest global platform for meeting new people. Kersten describes her upbringing as difficult because she came from a family of limited economic means. Thanks to her vivid imagination, she developed a passion for aspiring to greater things. Before leading Skout, Kersten worked at a variety of companies of all sizes and became a serial start-up CFO.

Kersten answered a variety of questions about personal life balance, role models and female empowerment for the interview. She explains that she operates at a high level of efficiency in both her personal and professional life and only chooses the highest priority of activities to fill her time. She looks to Margaret Thatcher as her definition of a capable, successful leader because she worked her way up from the very bottom and stayed true to her convictions while doing it. In giving advice to other women in the business world, Kersten implores them to embrace versatility and always maintain the role of a businessperson first and a finance person second. She also encourages women to stay ahead of the pack and not be brought down by any negativity in the room or from colleagues.

In describing her experience at Skout, Kersten is extremely grateful for all of the opportunities she has had at the company and is very enthusiastic about the potential for Skout to continue to grow and maintain its position as a leader in the market. She acknowledged all of the talented staff and colleagues she is able to work with at Skout, to which she attributes a great deal of the company’s breakout success. Skout has taken on an international presence and continues to grow all around the globe. Kersten described an atmosphere of teamwork and collegiality among all Skout employees, which helps them to feel connected all over the world. Kersten says she truly enjoys mentoring other women in business, especially younger women, as she has very high hopes for the next generation of women leaders in business. She encourages all women to dig deep to find a sense of confidence, which Kersten says will allow them to succeed in both business and personal life and maintain their convictions while doing so. Kersten certainly serves as a shining example to future female leaders.

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Portia Kersten of Skout Shares Secrets of Her Success

Working With Brian Bonar Has Been A Pleasure

In the course of my work, I have worked with many people from many varied backgrounds. Doing so has allowed me the pleasure of making friends with people from all walks of life. I have learned how to speak with others and how to work on many projects. One person I’ve interacted with over the course of my life is Brian Bonar. A native of the United Kingdom, Bonar has spent much of his life working in the United States alongside many Americans. As an American myself, I’ve found working with him to be a pleasure. He clearly cares about people and has much to offer them.

Help With Our Printing Needs

Brian Bonar grew up in England where he completed his education before moving to the United States. Since moving to California, he has been active in the sales and marketing of many important products including printers that can print high quality materials for anyone’s needs. As someone who does many presentations during my work week, I know the importance of having a presentation that is done with the right materials on hand. I’ve had many occasions to get help from Bonar as I’ve learned which particular printers are right for my needs and the needs of my company.

Sales and Marketing Professionalism

I’ve always found Brian Bonar to be helpful with our needs. Sales and marketing can be be tough. Any company needs to aware of how to interact with sales people in order to get the best deals possible. I’ve been happy to work with Bonar and learn from him over the course of the last few years. He has helped me figure out what kind of sales techniques work and which kinds of techniques may not be as effective.

Professionalism is always important for those who are in sales. I know that I can count on his help to make sure that we always get the kind of services we need for the use of our business efforts. I also know that we can count on him for help when we are trying to find the best products for our company.

A Good Friend of Mine

Brian Bonar is also a good friend of mine and a great colleague. I’ve always been able to turn to him for help and advice when trying to get work done. He really cares about people and their needs. This is why he has been promoted several times as reported by PR News Wire.

Employers know they can count on him to help their business grow. They know he is a committed and dedicated professional. I look forward to continuing to work with him in the future again as our friendship and professional partnership continues to grow and flourish.

Working With Brian Bonar Has Been A Pleasure

In-Depth Case Study of Chaz by Wen Shampoo

Advertising is everywhere, it surrounds us in our daily lives. While some of us are inured to the effects of advertising, apparently, most pay attention, and sometimes, in the case of Super Bowl advertising, commercial advertising thru ebay ads is raised to the status of fine art.

In a recent article published in Bustle, Emily McClure took on the task of evaluating the advertising claims of Chaz by Wen hair product which promises to be a shampoo, conditioner, and styling treatment, rolled into one product.

McClure chose the fig version which further promised that the user’s hair would have bounce and shine, with the added moisture to correct hair that is prone to dryness.

Our intrepid tester, a millennial, who is a self-described hair care products nut, actually, works as a hair stylist. Her dedication to this study can not be doubted and her reporting offers to potential purchasers and users of WEN Hair product a true, day by day, experience as chronicled by McClure, herself. Read the full report by McClure here: Your text to link…

The review of a product when unbiased, which was the case with McClure, offers a true test of the truths of WEN Hair product’s worthiness. McClure is not a shill, and this form of actual product review represents a true endorsement or condemnation of the actual value of Wen hair by Chaz Dean. It is a form of advertising which is becoming more and more popular in this world, where advertisers are always touting their products as best, fastest, tastiest.

The results of her week long study were mixed but positive.



In-Depth Case Study of Chaz by Wen Shampoo

Dog Food Companies Are Showing Greater Concern For Dogs

As food of higher quality is being made for humans, dog food companies are bringing their concerns to the pets. Many dogs are probably used to having to settle for dog food that doesn’t give them a lot of nutrition. Some owners also feed their dogs their food to go along with the dog food. There is a change that is happening in the company. Some of these companies are offering dog food that is very similar to the food that their owners eat. The dogs will not only appreciate the flavor, but they will also appreciate the nutrition that they get from it.

Among the companies that offer food for dogs that is very similar to what humans eat is Beneful.

Beneful is a company that offers premium dog food. They offer dry food as well as wet dog food. The wet dog food has some high quality ingredients that can actually be seen. In other words, the company does not grind the ingredients until they could not be recognized, the food is actually easy to see. Dogs could enjoy the great taste from their food without having to beg their owner. This has been made possible by people that are very passionate about bringing forth higher quality products.

Beneful can be bought online. However, it is also widely available in stores that sell pet foods and pet products. Purina Beneful makes sure that the ingredients that they use is fresh. They also use very few preservatives so that the food can be eaten while there is a lot of flavor. Not only does the food have a lot of great taste, but the dog food is also free of any chemicals that could cause problems in the dog down the line. When it comes to innovation in dog food, Beneful is ahead of the others.

Dog Food Companies Are Showing Greater Concern For Dogs

Helping Professionals Find Their Calling

Finding the right line of work and the right business to work for can often prove difficult. For professionals everywhere, there needs to be the right connection between a business, the managers and themselves. Without the right fit, it is just going to cause all sorts of problems within the business. With the help of Brian Torchin, the president of HCRC Staffing, that is no longer a problem in the medical officers and law firms it works with. Of course, that is just the beginning with what he is able to offer employees and employers in the field.

When it comes to new lawyers and medical professionals looking for work, businesses, officers and law firms are often not able to obtain all of the necessary information on the individuals applying for positions. They receive a resume and maybe a cover sheet, but they often are not able to completely access their backgrounds or have a complete understanding of the application. Maybe through a few rounds of interviews it is possible to obtain a better understanding of the individual, but these interviews are especially time consuming and can reduce productivity levels inside of the company. That is why the help of a staffing agency is so important.

Brian Torchin knows what it takes to make it in the world of medical professionals. As someone who holds a DC from the New York Chiropractic College, he is someone who has worked in the field and looked for the right lines of work. He knows first hand it is all about making the right connection and being able to work within a given environment. So, he helped start the HCRC Staffing agency.

Within the staffing agency, Brian not only assists with the connection of businesses and employees, but he has a semi-regular posting where he helps anyone looking for assistance understand specific topics that are important to the industry. From doctors feeling burnt out from the long hours to determining how welcoming a given practice is, Brian is all about providing the very best services and assistance, no matter what side of the work spectrum it is.

Helping Professionals Find Their Calling

Personal Expression Through Lime Crime Products

Cosmetics have been used for many years as a way to enhance a person’s features and help them feel confident about the way that they look. As a way to hide imperfections and express individuality, make up has become a necessity as it comes in such a wide variety of colors, shades and styles. With so many options available, it is easier now more than ever for you to come up with unique combinations that match your outfit or simply express how you feel on any given day. A company like Lime Crime has become popular on Twitter for providing unique and colorful makeup options that allow you to express yourself and let your own personal beauty shine through.

Personal Expression
Cosmetics can be used to enhance features while downplay other features or imperfections that can make a person feel self conscious. Lime Crime has created a line of products that allow you to affordably create a huge collection of make up that allows you to change your entire look from one day to another. There are products for all different types of skin tones in order to create a neutral look, or to really stand out as an individual. With no other person in the world like you, it is important to enhance what you love about yourself and ensure that you feel good about who you are and what you look like.

Natural Features
If you feel like you have prominent cheekbones and want to highlight those, you can use make up to do this. If you want to make your eyes appear to be bigger and brighter, you can use makeup for this as well. You can learn to use make up like Lime Crime’s products to embrace your features and enhance what it is that you like about yourself. Make up is not a necessity on a day to day basis but it can be fun to use and it can help you feel better about yourself.

You should never be afraid to experiment with makeup and Lime Crime makes it easy and comfortable for you to try new products and new techniques. Their Instagram has new ideas for looks and especially for new Lime Crime products. Create a look for the daytime and then add more color or dramatic effects in the evening when you are going out. Your options are endless.  Follow Lime Crime on Facebook for up to date information, otherwise you can buy the full line on Dolls Kill.

Personal Expression Through Lime Crime Products

Everything You Need To Know About Coriant

Coriant is a technology corporation focused on wide array of cutting edge network solutions for the every changing, highly competitive world of global and local business. The company services a large number of industries some of which include, government and military complexes, utility network operators, independent business enterprises, banking institutions as well as educational and scientific foundations.

The organization’s portfolio contains things such as network transport solutions for cloud enabled businesses as well as the reduction of a given networks complicated operations and a streamlining of network functionality. Products produced and marketed by the company include, the 7100 Packet Optical Transport Solutions Series, a platform for a large array of services such as ethernet, OTN, packet, SONET, SAN and DWDM as well as ROADM capabilities. Coriant provides it’s services to both mobile and fixed line networks, cable MSO’s, Carrier’s carrier, submarine network operators as well as rural network operators.

In addition to all of the aforementioned services, Coriant also offers a wide assortment of customer service options which is centralized through their technical assistance center. Customer services is, obviously, only applied to customers who have active service agreements with the company and operates all across the globe, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. However, Coriant’s technical assistance center is not one’s standard grade customer service and goes far beyond just answering calls and emails and replying to questions and giving one helpful tips. In addition to all of these things, Coriant’s technical assistance center also helps company owners and individuals with their day to day operations by utilizing a team of tech support workers who will work side by side with the customer to achieve maximal efficiency and productiveness.

The company is currently under the management of Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO, Shaygan Kheradpir, a well recognized business leader and tech maverick. Shaygan Kheradpir was chosen for Chief Executive Officer for his extensive experience with other globally operating, tier 1 CPS services as well as his high degree of tech knowledge which helped him create Juniper Network’s Integrated Operating Plan as well as his innovative work at Barclay’s which improved banks across fifty countries.

Those interested in contacting Coriant may find them online here at

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Everything You Need To Know About Coriant

Igor Cornelsen and Banking in Brazil

Banking in Brazil isn’t terribly different from banking in the United States. There are several top banks available and each specializes in something else. Of course, if you want to move financial investments or just monetary sums over into the Brazil banking system, Igor Cornelsen, an investment banker in Brazil (and one of the top in the country) has a few pointers and knows where someone should go for banking in the country.

For starters, Igor Cornelsen wants everyone to know that according to PR Newswire much like the United States, the majority of banking is done in a handful of large, national chains. Many of these national chains even have an international presence, so it does make it easier to bank around the world with some of these branches. All of this makes it easier than ever before for someone to bank around the world. With that in mind, here are a few of the different banks he recommends checking out for financial assistance when moving money into the South American country.


While not one of the largest banks in Brazil (in fact, it is on the smaller side for “large” banks in the country), it is easy for individuals who are already a member of Citibank within the United States. In Brazil, the bank has a headquarters in Sao Paulo and, while it has been in Brazil in 1915, it only has 103 offices. This bank is only really recommended for current members of Citibank. It will make it easier to open up other banks around Brazil when money can instantly be transferred to this branch.

Banco do Brasil

On the flip side, this is the largest bank not only in Brazil but in all of Latin America when looking at assets. The bank has been in the country since 1808. In the over 200 years, the bank has expanded and it now had over 5,000 different offices around the country. It also has 40,000 ATMs, so it is easy to be able to access money or deposit money just about anywhere in the country. With a total assets of $566.3 billion as of 2011, it is one of the largest banks in terms of assets as well. Plus, it is the bank that is charge of international MasterCard and Visa debit cards within the country. This makes it easier to obtain a credit card or debit card in Brazil.

Banco Bradesco Financiamentos

This bank is in charge of the American Express credit card operations in Brazil. It is a bit harder to get in, but it provides exceptional credit services for anyone who is able to connect with the bank. It does have 3,235 offices around the nation as well.

Igor Cornelsen and Banking in Brazil