Importance of Online Reputation Management For Businesses

No matter the type of business you have, someone is going to turn to a search engine or other reliable source to learn more about you. If you don’t protect yourself or your business, someone can easily publish a damaging content, file a complaint, make a video, post a comment, create a blog post, leave a negative review and other malicious remark.
Or even worse, an irate employee will leave the organization with revenge on their mind and post disparaging content about your company. These days, managing your online reputation isn’t an option, but a necessity if you want to achieve success in your endeavor.

One misstep can have a devastating impact on a company’s or organization’s profile online. It is very important to make sure that only positive reviews about your organization or business shows up when people search your name or your company on the Internet.

When you running a business or managing an organization, it is imperative to take your reputation seriously. Clients shop at firms that are reputable and sincere. If you have a damaged reputation, prospective clients will figure it out and will not want to buy from your business. Take appropriate steps to ensure that only favorable content and reviews show up when people look up your company online.

By setting up a reliable reputation management system in place, you will have control of your reputation and monitor what people read about your or your business. By using the expert services of a well established team of reputation management professionals, you can take complete control of your reputation online. You need to consult with a reputation management team that has a well established history of managing online reputation for businesses and individuals.

Taking proactive steps in managing your online reputation is a great way to identify threats and prevent attacks that can damage your online image. An experienced team of reputation management professionals will show you how to assess, build and monitor your online reputation. You will be able to follow their simple instructions to easily grow your brand and your business.


Importance of Online Reputation Management For Businesses

Big Real Estate Projects In Development in New York City

There have been a lot of developments in the real estate industry of New York. There are a ton of projects that are promising to open up new activities as well as bring forth a much greater economy with plenty of business opportunities. Among the new projects that have been approved are two connected towers. There are also new office projects in development which include a five story office building. This is one thing that is worth looking forward to for the residents of New York. Of course in order to take advantage of these developments, it is important for people to find an agency that they can trust to help them find the right property.

Among the trusted real estate agents that will make sure that people are directed to the right property is Town Residential, which are the NYC properties experts. They re some of the most trustworthy professionals on the market. They specialize in referring people to luxury property that they could use for residential or commercial purposes. They are also willing to listen to their clients so that they know what it is they are looking for. That way, they could provide that for their customers.

They go beyond just helping their customers find the piece of property that they want to move into for residential or commercial purposes, they also look for ways to help with the relocation. Town Residential is one company that is very passionate about the community. They don’t just want to help people find a place to move into. They also want to make sure that they are well situated. Town Residential also makes sure that they follow up with their customers in order to see if everything is ok. One thing that is really good for business is when a company or agent takes it upon himself to follow up with the customer so that he will know if there is any problems.

Big Real Estate Projects In Development in New York City

FreedomPop Has Flat Fee Costs For Their Cell Phone Service

Although many cell phone companies are lowering the rates for their unlimited cell phone plans, some of them still have extras that are added on to the plan that are unknown until a person has to pay their bill. One company in particular will sell their unlimited plan for only $50, but the taxes and other fees are extra, which can easily bring up the rate of the plan to $60 each month. Unless a person goes through a subsidiary of that particular cell phone company, they won’t be able to avoid the taxes and fees and will always have to pay $60 each month instead of $50.

A recent FreedomPop review shows they’re an excellent choice for anyone looking to pay a specific price each month for their phone plan, especially since their price is only $20 and has taxes and other fees included. No one likes to have to guess what their bill will be each month, so those who join FreedomPop will know that they’ll only be paying $20 every month. Another thing that people don’t like is spotty service that has too many dropped calls and not very clear call quality. FreedomPop is a company that has clear call quality as well as a large service area.

Since FreedomPop is on Sprint’s network, they are located anywhere Sprint is located in the USA, which is in every state. Those who choose FreedomPop as their carrier will enjoy low prices and great service. Although the company has excellent phone service that they are proud of, they’re also proud to be offering other services as well, such as Wi-Fi service, portable hotspots, and home Internet service. They also sell phones and tablets that can be purchased on their website or through a retailer that deals with their products.

All the portable hotspot that are purchased from FreedomPop will receive 500 MB of free data monthly, and the hotspots are small in size, allowing them to be carried anywhere. The home Internet service has 4G LTE high-speed Internet, and 1 GB of free data is provided with the Internet service each month. Those who want the Wi-Fi service from FreedomPop simply must download the Wi-Fi application, and there is only a five-dollar monthly fee to constantly use the Wi-Fi service. This spectacular company is offering many services to their customers, so their users will be happy because they have a lot of choices for great technology.

FreedomPop Has Flat Fee Costs For Their Cell Phone Service

Mark Sparks’ New Venture; Spark Tank

Mark Sparks is a renowned venture capitalist, having been successful in his entrepreneurial ventures. He has been instrumental in various startups since he started his career. He graduated from high school in 1975 and went on to try out various projects along the way. Since his childhood, he has always wanted to make use of his innovative ideas to come up with workable business ideas and strategies.

His childhood dreams seem to have borne fruit since he has gone ahead to build a private equity firm; Timber Creek Capital that has a couple of companies under it.
Marc Sparc’s businesses acumen has seen him focus more in telecommunication and the real estate. He has become successful in this business due to his ability to speculate and make predictions about future trends in the market.

Marc Sparks therefore makes his profits by identifying potential businesses and providing capital. Some of the notable organizations that have benefited from his skills are Cobalt Real Estate, Agency Matrix, GlobalTech, Spanish Media and Reliant Healthcare. As it stands, he still has the potential to involve more successful companies in his ventures.

According to, Apart from business, Marc Sparks is also a renowned writer. He has written a book titled ‘They Can’t Eat You’. His main aim for writing this book was to inspire upcoming entrepreneurs by offering steps to success. He does this by providing important details about his entrepreneurial journey through the years.

He sees writing as a sentimental part of him and offers a ‘better-sweet’ experience. He has been successful largely due to his focus on the right principles that have since guided him in the journey. Through this book, Mark Notes that his readers are likely to learn more from his failures than his successes. He believes that one does not necessarily have to learn from his own failures but those of others too.

By setting up strategic plans and being a role model to his staff, mark Sparks has managed to run his ventures successfully. His philanthropic heart has seen him get involved in various charitable programs. He recently came up with a new program; Spark Tank.

This is a unique venture that helps upcoming entrepreneurs create social successes by use of innovation. Here, upcoming business enthusiasts are given the chance to pitch their ideas that have the potential to become a social success. He intends t to find exceptional talent and hopes that through Spark Tank, he will achieve this.

Mark Sparks’ New Venture; Spark Tank

IAP’s Domination Over the Ground and the Skies

Integrity and Purpose has built a reputation for itself for over sixty years in being a leader in the provision of global-scale logistics, management of facilities and improved professional and Technical solutions. The company has countlessly outdone itself through establishing a reliable and responsive system that sets out to not only meet the expectations of its extensive clientele but to also surpass them. IAP Worldwide’s forte lies in engaging themselves especially during the unexpected. This demonstrates the company’s flexibility in rendering their extensive services from natural disasters to foreign battlefields.

IAP can offer solutions despite the severity of the situation and it does so with remarkable expertise in planning, coordinating and implementing complex logistical and technical challenges. Since the very start, the company has been setting up for its future through partnering with various high profile companies to make what we now call Integrity and Purpose. Over the year now IAP Worldwide Services has established a trusted partnership with the United States military, which offers the company numerous contracts temporary as well as mobile power generation, international procurements, transportation services, and emergency disaster relief.

By rendering their extensive services to the United States Army, IAP illustrates their support and appreciation to the organization that keeps the country bold and secure. The company aids both the civilian and defense agencies through provision of proven technology and remarkable expertise. This, in turn, enables these brave young men and women to perform in any dynamic environment thereby playing a part in their cause.

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IAP Worldwide Services Jobs

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IAP goes above and beyond in backing up non-government organizations, energy companies and other customers that work in harsh and remote areas that are distant from the comforts of civilization. Inclusive of the company’s extensive services range from infrastructure and construction to disaster relief.

Living in a world that that has completely embraced technology, Integrity and Purpose ensures that it can be relied on to offer both permanent and temporary power services and solutions. The company makes this possible through partnering with both their customers and equipment manufacturers. In doing so, they are more than equipped to design, initiate and operate hybrid, dual fuel and renewable energy sources. The company is more than up to the task whether its empowering field operations far off the grid or turning the lights back on after terrible disaster strike.

With the reins over the earth tightly held, IAP Worldwide Services has nowhere else to go but to the skies. The company has made it possible for enabling various advanced aircraft programs, acquisition of parts and reconstruction of automatic test equipment and test stations.

Learn more about IAP Worldwide Services:,-inc-l-virginia.aspx

IAP’s Domination Over the Ground and the Skies

Thor Halvorssen Is Still Fighting A Battle Of Information

Thor Halvorssen has been fighting a war of information for a long time against tyrants around the world because they are trying to make sure that people in the western world especially do not know what is going on in their countries. The war of information starts when devils around the world convince people that they do not exist. Thor Halvorssen is trying to spend as much of his time in the media making sure that people are not missing out on the information they should hear.

Countries like North Korea have stayed in the news because they are almost a part of the news cycle. People expect things to be bad in North Korea, but they might have forgotten about other countries where problems like starvation and poverty have become so bad that there is literally no commerce or business at all. There are oppressive governments in places like Venezuela and Angola, and there are other governments like the one in Russia where it is hard to see where the freedom is for the people. It is very important to remember these countries, and that is why Thor Halvorssen will keep bringing them up.

Someone who is watching how human rights works around the world is probably familiar with the Human Rights Foundation, and Thor Halvorssen started it to make sure that people would be protected. He has a lot of people working with the HRF, and he is trying to make sure more people have information so they might want to join in the cause. He has a mission that is all based on the information people hear, and he wants other people to feel moved to join in his fight. The fight will never really stop because it is a fight that people cannot just let go. Oppression has not stopped, but he can fix it with more information getting out to the people.


Thor Halvorssen Is Still Fighting A Battle Of Information

The Career Of U.S. Money Reserve’s Philip Diehl

The former U.S. Mint Director, Philip Diehl, is a respected individual in the financial sector. As the former position at the U.S. Mint and his current position at U.S. Money Reserve as the President have seen him undertake different projects and implement policies that have changed these organizations.

In February this year, Eric Dye, the host of Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio, invited Philip to give his advice and opinion to other investors and business managers.

Enterprise Radio is an important show in America. The show focuses on providing businesses owners and top executives with a platform to share their products, creations, experiences, strategies and services with the world. With his loads of experience, the decision by Entrepreneurial Podcast Network to host Diehl was an excellent one.

According to their, during the podcast, the U.S. Money Reserve’s president talked about several topics ranging from his career and background to policies at U.S. Money Reserve and the future of the gold market.

Although the U.S. Mint has had many directors over the years, Diehl is considered one of those who accomplished much at the firm. One of his strategies of generating enough revenues and improving profitability of the organization was by developing and implementing the 50 States Quarter program.

The program involved minting 50 types of quarter coins, each representing a state in the U.S. This program was well received by the public, who immediately started collecting these types of coins.

Through the program, the US Mint generated billions in revenues. He is also known for minting the first ever-platinum coins.

At the U.S. Money Reserve, Diehl has also continued with the same entrepreneurial policies that he had at US Mint. His main aim is to enhance customer satisfaction. The various policies that he has formulated have resulted in more customers flocking the company and increased revenues. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

He believes that customer satisfaction is the easiest way to ensure that the US Money Reserve becomes one of the largest distributors of government-issued coins, bars, and bullion throughout the United States.

In his interview, Philip Diehl strongly advised investors to use U.S. minted precious metal coins. This is because the prices of these products are always rising and that their qualities is government-backed

About U.S. Money Reserve

U.S. Money Reserve was founded in 2001. Its headquarters are in Austin, Texas. The company distributes U.S. government-issued platinum, silver and gold products to clients across the United States. Investors use these products to diversify their portfolios.

In addition to offering quality products, the company also focuses on superior customer service. This information was originally reported on U.S. Money Reserve’s website as provided in this link

The Career Of U.S. Money Reserve’s Philip Diehl

Keith Mann Invests In America’s Businesses And Its Children

Businessman, financial services expert and education advocate Keith Mann is also a caring person and committed philanthropist. In a time when many are seeking to flee from poor, inner-city children, Mann has found a way to help them change their lives and secure a better future. He has done so by providing college scholarships, raising funds and making donations to Uncommon Schools. The charter school has 9 campuses in New York and New Jersey as well as schools in Boston, Massachusetts. Their goal is to have over 30 schools serving students in grades K through 12. So far Mann has raised over $32,000 for them.

Many people know Keith Mann as hedge fund service Dynamic Search Partners’ co-founder and managing director. The company is among the hedge fund industry’s biggest staffers. Their role is to provide hedge fund firms with top quality employees. Since the company’s founding in 2001, Dynamic Search Partners has served over 2,000 clients. It has also compiled one of the country’s largest investment executives databases. Mann initially worked with its parent company Dynamic Associates and worked his way up to vice president before expanding the company’s reach by co-founding Dynamic Search Partners in 2009.

While many other successful business executives were busy enjoying the fruits of their labor, Keith Mann turned his attention to helping the less fortunate. His work with Uncommon Schools is just one way he helps others. The NYU graduate has also established the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement. This financial award helps low income students graduating from high school interested in becoming future business leaders. Many of those students would not be able to afford to attend college without the scholarship. Mann also helps public school teachers nationwide get needed supplies and fund projects through Donors Choose.

Dynamic Search Partners not only provides companies with superior staff members, they are also hedge fund experts and specialize in alternative investments. With his work with Uncommon Schools and Donors Choose Keith Mann has begun to invest in one of the most precious resources the U.S has. The future of its children.

Keith Mann Invests In America’s Businesses And Its Children

Crystal Hunt: A Vision, Dream, and Ambition

Florida born and bred actress, Crystal Hunt, has been making headlines since she was a little girl. A successful career stands behind this blonde-haired beauty wherever she goes, and those who once underestimated her cannot help but take notice at what she has achieved. From wearing the crown at age two to producing her own film, Crystal is a driven soul with the talent to boot.

The Early Years

Hunt has always been in possession of the kind of looks people would go to the extreme to have; she has also always had a passion for taking center stage. Since she was two years old, she competed in pageants in her hometown, and even took home some crowns. Of course, this experience continued to fuel her passion for show business.

On to Bigger and Better Things

Once the actress decided to ditch the crown, she was recognized by some big-name shows, like Guiding Light, where she played the troubled teenager, Lizzie Spaulding. This role led her to other positions, like Stacy Morasco on One Life to Live. These two roles played by the actress brought her further into the spotlight, and had her recognized for daytime television awards.

Aside from starring in soap operas, Hunt has also been in some movies, including the Derby Stallion, Sydney White, NYC Underground, 23 Blast, and even Magic Mike XXL with bigwig, Channing Tatum. Though her passion has allowed her to have a great time working on set, Hunt had her eyes set on another prize.

A Girl and Her Dream

After starring on the reality show, Queens of Drama, fans were able to see a side of Crystal that she usually suppressed: Her desire to produce. Alongside other starlets in the industry, America’s sweetheart worked tirelessly in the hopes to land a pilot for her own show. While their future is still not known, one thing is for certain, and that is the fact that Hunt has produced her very own film with Dania Ramirez entitled, “Talbot County.” Despite her impressive accolades, thus far, Hunt strives to improve each day, and fans cannot wait to see more from this driven beauty.

Crystal Hunt: A Vision, Dream, and Ambition

The Contributions of Helane Morrison

Helane L. Morrison is the Managing Director of Hall Capital Partners LLC. She is also the General Counsel and the Chief Compliance Officer. She is a member of the firm’s Executive Committee. Ms. Helane Morrison graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Northwestern University. She earned a J.D. from the University of California at Berkley, School of Law.
Before working at Hall Capital Partners LLC in 2007, Helane was the Head of San Francisco Office of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. She was responsible for litigation, securities enforcement, and regulatory matters in Northern California and five other Northwest States. Ms. Helane has also worked as the Director of the Bar Association of San Francisco and a Lawyer Representative to the Ninth Circuit Judiciary Conference.
Ms. Helane’s has had a clean record and very streamlined work since she started on her employment journey. In whichever professional field she was in, she always fought against corporate crimes and corruption. She has been at the forefront in her efforts to fight all form of corporate injustices and exposing those who abuse their powers and influence for financial gain.
Ms. Helane first worked as a law clerk at US Court of Appeals. In 1985, she worked as a clerk to the U.S. Supreme Court Justice Blackmun. He was an influential and an informative figure in Helane’s ideological development.
The government offered her a position with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Committee. Her background in journalism helped her to rise to the Head of Enforcement role at SEC. At the SEC, she was successful in the uncovering illegal sale of fraudulent securities of military personnel, exposing financial fraud, contributing to efforts to eradicate insider trading, and providing defense for defrauded senior citizens. She was also able to expose unauthorized obliteration of audit documents.
In 2007, she decided to focus her efforts to fight financial sector inequality. She joined Hall Capital Partners LLC. Helane joined Hall Capital Partners LLC because of the firm’s leadership culture. At Hall Capital, Partners, she was able to educate women on the importance of being tough to succeed in the financial sector. One of her primary goals at Hall Capital was to work on the restoration of investors belief in the financial markets after the 2007-2008 financial market crash. Helane Morrison participated in the 2012 Private Fund Compliance Forum. Her passion for justices has not wavered.

The Contributions of Helane Morrison